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  • Trip to Orlando FETC Conference 2014

    For the last week of January, 2014, I have been at the FETC conference in Orlando, Florida.  The end of January is a good time to go to Florida, especially when you compare it to Wyoming’s weather!  This is an educational conference that covers a wide variety of technology aspects within education.  So far, the […]

  • Downtime

    Sorry about the site downtime today.  Apparently my ISP, Silver Star Communications, had an issue where they bumped off all of their DSL customers until they rebooted their modems.  Since I was at work I was not able to do this until I got home.  Hopefully it won’t happen again anytime soon!

  • Useful phone forwarding options

    Forward All: Activate: *21*[dest]*11# Cancel & Retain: #21*11# Re-establish: *21*11# Cancel & Forget: ##21*11# Status: *#21*11# If Busy: Activate: *67*[dest]*11# Cancel & Retain: #67*11# Re-establish: *67*11# Cancel & Forget: ##67*11# Status: *#67*11# if no answer: Activate: *61*[dest]*11*[sec]# Cancel & Retain: #61*11# Re-establish: *61*11# Cancel & Forget: ##61*11# Status: *#61*11# If Unreachable: Activate: *62*[dest]*11# Cancel & […]

  • New Microsoft Ad / Spoof

    I got a good chuckle out of this. I think this spoof is closer to reality then what MS is doing with their ads.

  • Ubuntu 9.04

    It’s that time of year again! Ubuntu 9.04 is on its way.  For a list of new features click on the Ubuntu icon.  Why do I mention Ubuntu before each release?  Although I’m an avid Mac user, I believe that Ubuntu is a valid alternative for those who cannot run a Mac on their existing […]

  • Mac Tip Of The Day

    Hold down the shift key while selecting the standard command option escape to force-quit the foreground application (vs bringing up the dialog or using the dock icon, which in this case hold option for force quit).

  • Follow Me on Twitter

    In case you’ve never heard of twitter, it’s a social networking service that makes it very easy to see what your friends are doing, as well as tell your friends what you are doing.  If you want to follow me, I’ve made it very easy by adding a link on the lower right side of […]

  • How to Verify Files with an MD5 Hash

    With so much fraud and problems with security on the internet, it’s sometimes hard to know if a file you download on the internet is what you think it is or not.  Fortunately, you have a way of taking a “fingerprint” of any file you wish to post, and likewise a way of verifying any […]

  • | PwnageTool and QuickPwn for 2.1 Firmware | PwnageTool and QuickPwn for 2.1 Firmware The folks at have once again been able to release a jailbreak app for the latest iPhone/iPod Touch firmware–2.1.  Having just updated my iPhone last night to get some of the improvement benefits, I was very excited to see this released today.  I have a terminal […]

  • Loading hay, posting from my iPhone

    Two days ago I got a new iPhone, and with all its web capabilities I decided to try and use some of the advanced features. So, I am currently in the tractor loading hay while updating my webpage. I took some photos too, hope they turn out. Note: not too sure what happened, but it […]