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  • Driving the A with fall colors and up and down a grade

    Driving the A with fall colors and up and down a grade

    The fall colors are quite nice this year. Last Saturday I needed to go take and unhook the Number 5 mower from the Model A, so I thought it would be fun to take the tractor on the hill and take some photos as well. Unfortunately, it was overcast and not the best morning for […]

  • John Deere MT and Farmall B Side By Side

    John Deere MT and Farmall B Side By Side

    In this video I give a brief comparison of the Farmall B and John Deere MT. The B and the MT were both targeted at a similar market, are around the same age, and pretty similar power-wise. This video is not a full in-depth review or a comparison of each tractor, but I thought it […]

  • Blade work with the 2010 and 435

    Blade work with the 2010 and 435

    I never passing up an excuse to drive the tractors on a beautiful fall day, I used the opportunity to do some blade and box scraper work to fill in the pivot tracks. Though not a necessary task, it makes working up the ground in the springtime much smoother and is better on the equipment. […]

  • Fall Update

    Fall Update

    It’s just about October, which seems pretty crazy to me. This year has just flown by! It seems like just yesterday we were starting with the spring work, then the summer rush, and now the hay season is all completed. The only big tasks left to do on the farm now are putting things away […]

  • 2021 Star Valley Antique Tractor Show

    On the 25th of September, we hosted the 2021 Star Valley Antique tractor show. This year was pretty busy farm wise, and we had some rains that pushed us behind a bit getting some crops in. As such, we were a little late getting invitations and announcements and such sent out. I think that hurt […]

  • Loading Straw Bales with the 5020 and 3020

    Loading Straw Bales with the 5020 and 3020

    My father needed some help hauling some straw bales to his barn for his winter cattle bedding, so I took the John Deere 5020 over with the two old truck wagons to help haul the straw bales. He brought over the 3020 to load them. Straw bales are quite light compared to alfalfa bales, so […]

  • McCormick-Deering Number 5 Side Delivery Rake

    A neighbor was selling an IH (McCormick-Deering branded) Number 5 side delivery rake. I don’t really need the rake, but part of restoring old tractors is having matching implements and equipment. I have a good amount of John Deere implements, but I don’t have a lot from IH and some of the other brands I […]

  • John Deere 420U vs 430U

    In this post I compare some of the differences between the John Deere 420 Utility and the John Deere 430 Utility. The 430 has an Oliver loader, but I tried to focus on the mechanical differences between the machines. The 420 and 430 were John Deere two-cylinder tractors, manufactured in Debuque, Iowa. What makes them […]

  • Spring Disking with the 5020

    In this video we are disking with the John Deere 5020. The tractor has been gone all winter to a shop, so it was nice to have it back & be able to do some work with it. In this video we’re pulling a John Deere BW disk. The field was plowed in the fall, […]

  • John Deere 430 Utility with Loader Restoration and First Drive

    Over the winter I picked up a 1960 John Deere 430 with an attached loader (with bucket), box scraper, and tire chains. However, the exhaust manifold had a crack in it, and as such water was able to get into it and rand down the cylinders into the block. The cylinders were seized, and the […]