Tag: HDR

  • Misc Spring Shots

    April 20th was really the first warm nice day we had. I was trying to take good advantage of it, so after doing some yard work I took a few minutes to walk and and take some photos.  I was also able to spend some good time visiting with my Grandma Weber. The Sunrise was…

  • Photography at the Teton Dam

    Tonight I went to the Teton Dam to do some photography. Since I didn’t happen to go home to Star Valley this weekend, I decided to take some photos of the surrounding area.  Click “Read the rest of this entry”  for all of the photos. The Teton Dam broke in 1976, destroying many homes in…

  • Photo Journal Nov 15

    Today I went to the Teton Dam (what’s left of it) and took some photos.  This is an HDR of a most beautiful sunset.